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3D Printing Revolutions E-mail

I'm half way through reading Chris Anderson's 'The New Industrial Revolution' and enjoying it as much as I did The Long Tail. I'm feeling a real sense of Déjà vu though, taking me back to the 80's desktop publishing and 90's pre bubble internet revolutions. Graphic designers like me were unnerved back then by the greater access to our profession. Anyone could in theory design their own newsletters, posters, letterheads etc. Pagemaker and the Mac gave them the means to create their own brand collateral and then suddenly we were all designers. The word 'Design' was adopted by hairdressers and caterers alike.


Senior Product Design Engineer E-mail

We are now looking to recruit exceptional senior product design engineers with extensive product development experience to join our successful and growing team.

You are a highly motivated and creative individual with a desire to be challenged, express yourself, and create a legacy.

You will be encouraged to take on project management responsibilities as well as creative design leadership roles, working directly with clients. You will be encouraged to use your initiative with support or guidance available from other team members and sister companies.

Our staff is what makes us unique, and we invest in their development.  Individual Development Plans are used to both maintain and develop our technical and creative abilities.

At Meso we want you to work on a wide variety of client projects, and if you have a great idea of your own we provide an environment in which we support the development of your products. We also like to share our thoughts and experience of Design with others, and provide opportunities for those who want to ‘share’ the chance to present at major conferences as well as teach.

Increasingly we are asked to produce parts and products for our clients, and via our Parent Company you will have the chance to see the products you have designed come to life.

Attractive salaries, together with other benefits such as discretionary bonus and pension scheme.


Rocco New E-mail

About Us E-mail
Meso is a Product Design & Engineering consultancy. 
We design products; electronic and mechanical, digital and tactile, important and fun, efficient and beautiful products. We design and engineer products consumers want to buy.
We are trusted and awarded for international transport, financial, security and safetyengineering yet we talk about customer behavior and user experience. We find the emotional reasons people buy what they want and design the products to justify those decisions.
Meso is fresh, established during this new industrial revolution where consumers believe products can be personalised, immediate and smart. 
We believe in a holistic approach to product development and know that we're part of achain of specialists, manufacturers, agencies and brands - we collaborate, not just co-operate.

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