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SECC Armadillo LED Light

SECC Armadillo LED Light

The SECC's Armadillo LED Light is designed and manufactured by Meso in Scotland. It resembles the iconic Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow. The light is designed as a souvenir for use in the home or office, providing a beautiful decorative lamp with the ability to look at home either on a table or on a wall. This also allows the SECC to promote their brand and facilities to potential clients in a high-impact way.

How Meso Helped

The SECC came to Meso with the idea of creating a self-assembly decorative light in the form of the Clyde Auditorium. The building, situated on the banks of Glasgow's River Clyde on reclaimed former dockyards, is designed by Foster and Partners and colloquially referred to by Glaswegians as “The Armadillo”. The venue is inspired by the hulls of upturned boats.

To reflect the acclaimed architecture in a sympathetic and elegant style, Meso considered several different concepts before settling on formed polypropylene sheet to create the building's shape. Meso recreated the building in CAD (Computer Aided Design) software before extrapolating the features to create an accurate representation. The use of this material built up in layers allows light to escape the gaps in an elegant manner, accentuating the building's sculpted features.

With our experience in Design for Manufacture (DFM), Meso ensured that the light would be as easy as possible to put together. Using LEDs to produce the light allows the product to be bright, yet run at a cool temperature to therefore be more efficient.

Where can I get one?

The SECC's Armadillo LED Light will shortly be available from museums across Scotland, and is now available from the SECC


Produce a decorative self-assembly light in the form of Glasgow's Clyde Auditorium.

Product in manufacture and on sale in museums and gift shops around Scotland.

Meso Ltd is a company registered in Scotland: SC340701
Meso Ltd, Unit 33, River Drive,
Inchinnan Business Park, PA4 9RT