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Mobislyder is the world’s first ultra portable camera slider and video shooting kit specifically designed for smatphones.     

Glidetrack is the film and video industry’s No.1 choice for portable dolly and slider systems. The systems produce smooth, professional looking tracking camera shots. Glidetrack wanted to respond to the increase in usage of iPhones, smartphones, compact cameras and small D-SLR cameras in film making and briefed Meso with task of creating a portable system.

The result is the elegant and easy to use mobislyder that now adds the possibility of controlled flowing movements to any production. The innovative design includes 5 different mounts creating variety of ways to attach the smartphone or camera. New accesories such as a dolly adaption kit and handle grips are also coming soon adding even greatler flexibilty to the shots you can achieve.

For more information on the product, visit the Glidetrack website.


Design of portable system dolly and slider system for small, video recording devices.

Meso completed product identity, engineering, packaging design and manufacturing management getting the product to market in just over 6 months.

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