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Red Dot 2012 Minke

Red Dot 2012 Minke

Sport fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities worldwide. Tying knots requires knowledge, practice and dexterity. Simply because of the small size, hooks andlines are awkward to tie at the best of times, but add windy or wet conditions and the task becomes even trickier. Fishing is a sport enjoyed by all ages with a wide range of experience. As such, poor eyesight, impaired dexterity and even knowledge of forming the knot can add to the complexity of the task.

Minke is a unique tool the makes the process of tying fishing knots simple and easy for all. Resting the product over your finger, take your hook and slot this into the front of the tool - a self-centring rubber mechanism holds the eye of the hook in place. A channel in the top of the product allows fishing line to be easily guided through the eye of the hook - removing one of the trickier processes of tying a knot.

A clinch knot ( the most common and trusted knot for coarse and fly fishing) is formed by wrapping the line around rings on the body of the product and feeding the line back down a second funnel. Then by simply pulling the hook out of the device the knot is tightened and the hook secured. An embedded line cutter included at the back of the tool conveniently removes any spare line.

Internal Project

To make tying fishing knots simple, repeatable and accessible to all.

An award winning hand tool that takes the difficulty out of tying hooks to fishing line. Meso are currently in the process of releasing Minke.

Meso Ltd is a company registered in Scotland: SC340701
Meso Ltd, Unit 33, River Drive,
Inchinnan Business Park, PA4 9RT