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Innovia Security

Innovia Security

Banknote counterfeiting has been a criminal activity since the introduction of the banknote itself. Even though counterfeit polymer notes are less widespread than their paper counterparts it is inevitable that they will become more prevalent as further economies adopt the technology. Due to the unique manufacturing process of the film it has inherent properties that allow it to be distinguished from ‘fake’ currency.

Over the last year Meso has been working closely with Innovia developing a range of detectors for use in banks and retail. The challenge was significant form both a technological and creative standpoint. The resulting outcome fulfilled and exceeded expectations in terms of reliability, intuitiveness and elegance. In both the handheld and desktop versions the user only has to ‘dip’ or ‘swipe’ the note through the device and are met with instant visual and audible feedback to whether the note is real or fake. They are manufactured from durable aluminium and have a clean yet sophisticated aesthetic so as to be credible in the banking industry.

Meso were appointed as prime contractors to design, engineer, prototype and manage manufacture of their counterfeit detection products.

Innovia Security

To develop an optical system that can detect 'fake' polymer banknotes.

Meso worked alongside Innovia's R&D department to develop a range of patented counterfeit detectors for countries that use polymer banknotes. Meso provided a full service from initial concept, mechanical and electronic engineering through to marketing visuals.

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