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The Complete Service: The Complete Solution

Product design requires decisions. At Meso, our three phase design process has been created in order to allow projects to progress efficiently. The flexibility of the process allows us to tailor it to meet the specific design requirements of the client and project, in any sector.


The critical part of any product development project is making informed decisions in order to move forward. At the beginning of a project we strive to immerse ourselves in the clients' and users' world in order to absorb as much as possible. This improves efficiency and gives creative ideas the best chance of emerging.


Detailed design is all about optimising the product from every possible perspective. At Meso we use an iterative process to continually improve until our clients and ourselves are satisfied that the best outcome has been reached.


At Meso, we live and breathe manufacturing. This means that when we complete a design, we know it's something that can be made economically without compromising quality. Using our expertise in product engineering and manufacture gives our clients both the optimum experience and the highest return.
Meso offer a comprehensive range of services to further your idea. These can be broadly broken down into three areas.


Design is the application of creative thinking. We work with our clients to help them externalise ideas and turn them into tangible solutions. Our product design team are skilled in solving specific problems while never losing sight of the big picture.


We are experts in bridging the gap between concept and reality. Our highly qualified team of mechanical designers, electronics engineers and manufacturing are experts in optimising product designs for economic manufacture without compromising on function.


Digital prototyping is a way of producing virtual representations of products or concepts that are difficult to make or capture. This could be to create an engaging user experience for a product launch or to explain an abstract concept such as a surgical procedure. Digital prototype design is proven to be invaluable for our clients in a number of ways, from reaching new markets to gaining investment for an idea.

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