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Product Design & Engineering Consultancy

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At Meso we understand the relationship between business and design. 

We design products: electronic and mechanical, digital and tactile, important and fun, efficient and beautiful products. We design and engineer products your customers will want to buy.

We are trusted and awarded for international transport, financial, security and safety engineering yet we talk about customer behavior and user experience. We explore the emotional reasons people buy what they want and design the products to justify those decisions.

Meso is a fresh design agency, established during this new industrial revolution where consumers believe products can be personalised, immediate and smart. 

We believe in a holistic approach to product development and know that we're part of a chain of specialists, manufacturers, agencies and brands - we collaborate, not just co-operate. 

Get in touch and discover how we can help you make your idea become reality. 

Meso Ltd is a company registered in Scotland: SC340701
Meso Ltd, Unit 33, River Drive,
Inchinnan Business Park, PA4 9RT